the Answer from the Manager

What I propose you is to assist with work related issues you encounter. With my 29 years of experience I am here when you need to turn to someone experienced for a good word of advice. It can be when you have received a difficult email from your manager or when your peer does not want to collaborate or when one of your team members is being difficult to manage. This is a free service.

When facing such situations we usually feel very lonely, without anyone with the right expertise to talk to.

What I offer is not coaching or a legal help or philosophical advice, but a very practical answer adapted to your very punctual problem

The Answer from the Manager

How does it work:

You send me an email describing your problem with as much information as possible, such as:

  • Short description of the situation
  • Hierarchical position of the people involved
  • Size of the company or of the team
  • Short description of your position

Depending on the complexity of the problem, we might have to exchange several emails (maximum 3) or to organize a phone appointment (Maximum 1)

My commitment:

  • An answer within 48h to 72h
  • Complete confidentiality
  • An honest answer based on 27 years of experience
  • An external, neutral and non-emotional opinion
  • A free answer

What you will receive :

  • Advice explaining how to answer or how to react
  • In the case of email exchange you will not receive the answer word for word. It is important, after our exchange that you take full ownership of the answer that must come from you
  • English or French according to the need

What this is not:

  • A coaching site
  • A legal site
  • A site giving advice for career changes

If your issue is too complex to be answered via few exchanges, then you will certainly need to contact a coaching site.

To start…  Contact me!

Legal disclaimer : I cannot be held liable for the consequences of the advices given.

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